For inpatient
admission or
assistance, call:

(415) 379-2224
8 AM – 5 PM

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Christian Science Nursing Care

How does someone get admitted to Arden Wood?
Call (415) 379-2224 (8 AM – 5 PM) Director of Christian Science Nursing Services
Call (415) 379-2215 (5 PM – 8 AM) Christian Science Nursing Supervisor

Admittance to Arden Wood requires that an individual is:

  • relying exclusively on Christian Science for healing, and
  • receiving treatment for the specific care need from a Christian Science practitioner who is listed in The Christian Science Journal.

Does insurance cover Christian Science nursing?
Some insurance companies provide coverage for Christian Science nursing treatment (practitioner services) and/or Christian Science nursing care. These companies have separate policies that can be added to an insurance package. You will need to contact your insurance agent to find out if your company offers this type of coverage.

Is Medicare coverage available?
Yes, Arden Wood accepts Medicare Part A for Christian Science nursing services.

An explanation of Medicare and reimbursement for Christian Science nursing care is provided right here on our website:
Medicare for Christian Scientists.

This same information is available in booklet form, which you are welcome to download and print for your own use or to share with others: “Medicare and Its Provision for ‘Religious Nonmedical Health Care’ for Christian Scientists.”

If you would like a copy of the booklet mailed to you, please call (415) 379-2346 or email us here. A donation to cover printing and mailing costs would be much appreciated!

Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service

What does a visiting Christian Science nurse do?
A visiting Christian Science nurse provides Christian Science nursing care in the home, office, school—anywhere there is a need. This care is provided on a temporary, hourly basis (usually two hours or less) to individuals who are relying fully on Christian Science for healing.

A visiting Christian Science nurse will assess the need and the environment in order to make practical and skillful decisions regarding proper care, safety and nourishment.

A visiting Christian Science nurse is happy to attend to basic chores, such as taking out the trash/recycle, changing the bed linens, doing a load of laundry, going to the grocery store, making a meal, or tending to young children.

Do I need to be working with a Christian Science practitioner?
Yes, the daily support of a Christian Science practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal is required for a visiting Christian Science nurse to provide care.

What hours does the visiting Christian Science nursing service operate?
Visiting Christian Science nurses are available 24/7. Regular visits are normally made between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Sudden care calls are answered any time, day or night.

What does the visiting Christian Science nursing service cost?
The first assessment visit is free. The fee for the first hour of a follow-up visit is $60. After the 1st hour, care is billed in 15-minute increments:
1 hr = $60
1 ¼ hrs = $75
1½ hrs = $90
1 ¾ hrs = $105
2 hrs = $120
The VCSN does not stay with a patient for more than 2 hours.

Nursing supplies are billed separately.

The first hour of round-trip travel time is free. Additional travel time is billed at a rate of $25/hour, and is pro-rated in 15-minute increments. (Travel time begins and ends at Arden Wood.)

Financial assistance: Some insurance policies include home nursing care; however, Medicare does not pay for the cost of Christian Science nursing in the home. Please contact the Business Office for details about other funding resources: (415) 379-2346 or email us here.

Billing statements are issued once a month.

What area does the visiting Christian Science nursing service cover?
The primary geographic area covered includes:

  • San Francisco and the Peninsula
  • Marin County north to Santa Rosa
  • the East Bay including Vacaville, Walnut Creek, and Milpitas
  • as far south as the Monterey Peninsula

The VCSNS is able to reach other areas. For information about service in your area, please call: (415) 740-0460

We will do everything we can to meet a care need!

Sheltered Care

What is Sheltered Care at Arden Wood?
The purpose of the Sheltered Care program is to minister to the needs of individuals who would benefit from living in an environment that provides 24-hour Christian Science nursing care and assistance with mobility, personal care, escorting to meals and activities, and gentle reminders. All Sheltered Care guests are relying fully on Christian Science, with an expectancy of healing.

What services does Arden Wood’s Sheltered Care program provide?

  • A private room (partially furnished) and bathroom.
  • Twenty-four-hour care and oversight by Christian Science nurses with the expectation of healing and progress.
  • Assistance with personal care, bathing, and mobility.
  • Assistance for individuals with vision challenges and for those needing gentle reminders and guidance.
  • Access to the sunroom and Bible Research Library, complete with Christian Science and Bible study books and periodicals.
  • In-room, 24/7 audio-broadcast of Christian Science writings, articles, hymns, and the Bible Lesson as well as local church services.
  • Daily in-house activities and occasional outings to the beach or Golden Gate Park.
  • Three hot meals a day served in a small dining room.
  • An escort to meals and activities, and assistance with reading, if needed.
  • Daily bed making.
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry service.
  • Transportation to church on Wednesdays and Sundays.

What are the requirements to be admitted to the Sheltered Care program?
A Sheltered Care guest must be:

  • a practicing Christian Scientist,
  • a member of The Mother Church (The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA) and/or a Christian Science branch church,
  • relying fully on Christian Science for healing, and
  • working with a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner on a regular basis.

Is there a limit to how long a guest can stay in Sheltered Care?
No. While we expect swift and permanent healing, there is no limit to the length of a guest’s stay in Sheltered Care.

How much does it cost to stay in Sheltered Care?
The cost per day is determined by the level of care that the guest requires. There are three different levels offered. Please contact the Director of Christian Science Nursing at (415) 379-2224 for details.

Can long-term care insurance be used to help pay for Sheltered Care?
Long-term care insurance may apply, but it depends upon the insurance carrier and the terms of your policy. Please check with your insurance company.

CSNA Training Program

What are the requirements to enter the Christian Science Nursing Arts training program?

  • Membership in The Mother Church.
  • Membership in a branch church or society.
  • Testimonies, including physical healings, of how you have used Christian Science in your own life that demonstrate your understanding of and the clear practice of Christian Science.
  • Primary class instruction in Christian Science.
  • Ability to read, write, and speak English clearly.

What should I know before I apply?
Arden Wood offers Christian Science nurses the opportunity to strengthen and deepen their Christian Science nursing practice through participation in classroom sessions followed by mentored on-the-job training in the Christian Science Nursing Arts. The course level and the length of the on-the-job training period are determined by the Christian Science nurse’s readiness and demonstrated ability to apply the Christian Science Nursing Arts in his/her present Christian Science nursing practice. The on-the-job mentoring period is customized to strengthen each applicant in a specific area of his/her expertise and/or interest.

To be eligible for CSNA classroom sessions and on-the-job mentoring, an applicant must be employed at Arden Wood. If an applicant is not employed at Arden Wood, he/she may apply to take classroom sessions only. CSNA I classroom sessions are taught at Arden Wood. CSNA II, III & IV classroom sessions are taught at Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association (CHBA) in Boston, Massachusetts.

When requesting an application, please specify whether you are applying for employment at Arden Wood or for classroom sessions only.

Is financial assistance available for CSNA training?
Christian Science nurses who are accepted for employment at Arden Wood: 
Arden Wood offers its Christian Science nurses an employee benefit of classroom and mentored on-the-job training in the Christian Science Nursing Arts.
Christian Science nurses who are not employed at Arden Wood: Christian Science nurses who have been accepted to participate in CSNA classroom sessions only are eligible to apply for financial support from the Albert Baker Fund.
The Albert Baker Fund
1510 J Street, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA  95814
(800) 269 – 0388
E-mail: Click here

What do Room and Board cost?

  • For Christian Science nurses who come to Arden Wood to take a class only, Room and Board is $280 per week.*
  • For Christian Science nurses who are employed at Arden Wood, the current charge for a room ranges from $460 to $680 per month.*
  • Meal costs depend on whether nurses prepare their own meals or eat in the Arden Wood dining room ($5.00 per meal*).

Are there any additional expenses?
Christian Science nurses employed at Arden Wood are responsible for providing their own work clothing that meets Arden Wood’s nursing floor dress regulations. A description of appropriate clothing is provided at the time a CSNA applicant has been accepted.

*Please note that charges are subject to change.

What are the outcomes of becoming a Christian Science nurse?

  • It’s a wonderful opportunity to serve the Cause of Christian Science and to love one’s neighbor.
  • Spiritual Growth: 
Strong demands are made on the Christian Science nurse for “a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice” in accord with the Church Manual By-law. Christian Science nurses experience tremendous spiritual growth throughout their careers.
  • Dependable Career: 
There is a variety of career opportunities for Journal-listed Christian Science nurses.
  • Lasting Friendships: Christian Science nurses are from all walks of life. Strong bonds of friendship develop during this concentrated experience.
  • Great Work Environment and Location: 
We are housed in a beautiful French château-style building located in a lovely neighborhood. Participants enjoy easy access to the fine shopping, cultural events, museums, and spectacular natural setting of the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Comprehensive program that prepares one for listing in The Christian Science Journal.

For more information about the training or upcoming classes, please call our registrar at (415) 379-2220 or email us here.

The Residences

What is Independent Living at Arden Wood?
The Residences at Arden Wood offers independent living in an environment conducive to inspiration and healing. Gracious apartments are available for rent to dedicated students of Christian Science who desire to live in an active, joyous community. Our spiritual focus is reflected in beautiful gardens, woodland paths, and a fully-equipped Bible research library as well as an activities program, which includes diverse and enriching events on and off campus. Residents enjoy nearby branch church activities, local concerts, museum tours, educational opportunities, and day trips around the San Francisco Bay area.

What is the residential community like?
Our community of residents includes former schoolteachers, a sculptor, a legal secretary, a Caribbean charter boat business owner/operator, an airline ticket agent, a Foreign Service worker, a former First Reader, and a recently published author. They hail from New York, Colorado, Texas, Washington and California. Several of our residents are Journal-listed Christian Science practitioners and all are active branch church members. We also have seasonal residents, who live here for a few months a year to enjoy our milder winters or cooler summers.

What role does Christian Science play at Arden Wood?
Our goal is to provide a spiritual atmosphere supportive of healing and spiritual growth in accord with the Tenets of Christian Science. Broadcast channels are provided in every apartment making audiotapes of Science and Health and the Christian Science Bible Lesson available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Bible Research Library contains a wide variety of Bible reference materials and our Study Room includes a complete set of Bound Volumes of Christian Science literature. Residents enjoy regularly scheduled hymn sings in our Chapel/Auditorium, and they attend lectures and Christian Science meetings in the Bay Area. Many residents are active members of local branch churches. Christian Science is definitely the focal point of daily life at Arden Wood; spiritual growth and healing are the natural outcomes!

Is membership in The Mother Church or a branch Church of Christ, Scientist a requirement for residency?
Yes. Residents are members of The Mother Church, a branch church, or both. We encourage active branch church affiliation and we provide transportation to nearby Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist for all services and business meetings.

How many residential apartments does Arden Wood have?
We have 31 apartments, each with a different outlook, size and room configuration. We have small, medium and large two-room suites as well as studio apartments. Rental rates vary with the size of the apartments.

What level of independence is expected in order to participate in the residential program?
Residents are able to participate in daily activities, take all their meals in the dining room, get on and off our shuttle bus or in and out of a car.

What if I am in temporary need of assistance with daily activities?
Exceptions to full independence are taken into consideration on an individual basis. With this in mind, it is essential that applicants explain any temporary physical challenge during the application process.

What personal services do you provide?
Services such as weekly laundry, daily housekeeping, and driving and escorting to appointments in the local area are available to residents.

Is Christian Science nursing assistance available?
Yes, residents are welcome to seek Christian Science nursing care. The rates are the same for all patients.

Is an Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) required?
Yes.  If you don’t yet have one in place, we are happy to help you create one.

Arden Wood has developed a directive that specifically meets the needs of Christian Scientists who are residents of California. You can download it from our website: AHCD Document.
If you would like a copy of the directive mailed to you, please call (415) 379-2346 or email us here.

Does Arden Wood residency require a buy-in payment or any investment?
The only payment required at the time of acceptance is a deposit covering the first and last months’ rent and a refundable $400 cleaning deposit. There is also a non-refundable $80 processing fee.

What are the rental terms and what does the rental rate include?
Arden Wood has a 12-month Independent Living Contract. We ask that residents give us at least 30 days notice if they plan to relocate.
The monthly rental rate includes: three meals a day, weekly housekeeping services, transportation to Church for services and meetings, all utilities (except telephone), and all planned Arden Wood activities.

How can I determine whether or not I can afford to live at Arden Wood?
These two links will help you decide:
Rate Calculator

May I bring my own furnishings?
Yes. Residents bring their own furnishings and decorate their new homes to their liking. You are welcome to come see an apartment—simply call for a tour anytime! Our residents are always happy to open their doors for a visitor.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, small, house-trained pets are permissible on a case-by-case basis. It’s as important for pets to fit in with the Arden Wood community as it is for each resident! A $400 per pet refundable cleaning deposit is required of all pet owners. Should the pet become a problem to other residents or staff, it will not be allowed to remain on the property. Residents desiring a pet must demonstrate the ability to care for a pet without assistance.

Do apartments have phones and Internet access?
Each apartment has its own phone extension and wireless Internet access.

Is there public access to a computer or must I have my own?
Arden Wood has one public computer and printer. We recommend that you bring your own computer, iPad or tablet. Many of our residents use their personal computers and enjoy having access to the Internet and other Applications.

Do apartments have kitchens?
No. Isn’t it wonderful?! No more grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning up! Three delicious meals a day are enjoyed in our main dining room, served by a courteous and well-trained waitstaff. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, and instant hot water dispensers are readily accessible in our residential common areas. Snacks in vending machines are also available.

Are laundry facilities available?
Yes. We have several laundry rooms equipped with washers, dryers, sinks, countertops, and ironing stations. There is no charge for the use of this equipment. Residents generally take care of their own laundry.

What are the facilities and grounds like?
A dedicated staff of housekeepers, grounds people, and maintenance repair crews keeps our property in tip-top shape and looking beautiful. We have upgraded our internal operating systems, such as elevators, kitchen equipment, and fire safety systems, and we have refreshed our common areas, including our main dining room and hallways. We have also made significant exterior renovations to our roof, the outside of our main building, and the landscaping. And we are constantly working to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly—we have a strong recycling program, and we have installed energy efficient lighting and plumbing wherever possible.

May I bring my car?
Yes, if you really want to. A few of our residents have their own cars, and parking is available for a modest fee. Most of our residents do not have cars. Instead, they take full advantage of Arden Wood’s scheduled transportation on its own shuttle buses to church, shopping centers, and activities. Pre-arranged transportation is also available for individual appointments within a reasonable distance. It’s very nice to be chauffeured–and to no longer have to think about gas, oil changes or car insurance!

Is there a shopping center or mall nearby?
There is a delightful neighborhood shopping area just around the corner (within walking distance) with many small restaurants, florists, a Christian Science Reading Room, US Post Office, movie theater, hardware store, dry cleaners, ice cream parlor, dentists, antique stores, boutique clothing and toy stores, banks—just about anything anyone might need. A major shopping mall is several blocks away, which includes Macy’s and Nordstrom as well as many other well-recognized stores. In addition, MUNI, our public transportation system, can take you to shops in downtown San Francisco in 20 minutes.

Where is the nearest beauty salon or barber shop?
Both male and female residents enjoy the services of our own hair salon, right in our main building. There are also several beauty salons and barbershops in the local neighborhood.

What types of activities does the Independent Living program offer?
Fun, interesting and diverse activities are provided for our residents! Excursions might include touring the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, taking in cultural events such as museum exhibits, symphonies and plays, eating out at a variety of restaurants, participating in Arden Wood picnics and barbecues, visiting State and National Parks, going for bus and boat rides around the city, taking a walk through the Redwood trees in Muir Woods – the list goes on! In addition, there are many activities right at Arden Wood. Residents enjoy hymn sings, walking the pathways through our Eucalyptus grove, dance classes, art lessons in our Art Studio, attending all of our public special events, including Bible workshops, book talks, a Christmas concert, and more.

Are there volunteer opportunities for residents?
There are several different ways to volunteer at Arden Wood, such as reading aloud, tending our gift shop, and ushering for special events. In addition, a number of our residents volunteer outside of Arden Wood in the Christian Science Reading Room on nearby West Portal Avenue and at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and on the State Institutional Committee. Volunteering is a wonderful way for residents to support our healing mission.

What is the weather like in San Francisco?
The San Francisco Bay Area is graced with a temperate climate. The temperature in the City ranges from 45 to 60 degrees in the winter, 45 to 65 degrees in the spring, 55 to 75 degrees in the summer and 50 to 75 degrees in the fall. Gone are high humidity and snowstorms! A normal rainy season lasts from December through March. Morning fog helps to keep our summer temperatures refreshingly cool. Clothing is simplified by our moderate weather – just add or subtract an extra or outer layer as needed!

May Independent Living residents host family or friends for meals and overnight visits?
Absolutely! Guests and friends are always welcome to visit and share a meal. We have a private dining room that can be reserved for special celebrations or gatherings with family and/or friends. Our head cook would be happy to work with you to arrange a special menu or to prepare well-loved family recipes for you and your guests. Overnight guests are welcome to stay in one of Arden Wood’s Rest and Study rooms (see Rest and Study Rates), or they may rent a roll-away bed to be set up in a resident’s apartment.

What do Independent Living residents like about their Arden Wood home?
“Everything at Arden Wood is done with so much love!” (Trial Visitor)
“In March, I made a two-week visit. Loved it! Sold my house in April, six days after it went on the market; moved into my apartment in May; and I’ve been pinching myself ever since.” (Resident)
“Check out the apartments here. You’ll find more walking shoes than rocking chairs. Best of all, everyone here has danced to ‘Stardust’.” (Resident)

What is the application process for becoming an Independent Living resident?
Give us a call or email us here, and we’ll send you a packet of information, including an Independent Living application. Complete the application in full and return it to the Director of Independent Living Services (the address is in the packet or at Contact Us). After reviewing your application, we will arrange for you to come to Arden Wood for a two-week trial visit so that we can get to know each other better. Then we can both decide whether moving to Arden Wood is your next step. “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Science and Health 494:10), which means to us that your needs are already met— here at Arden Wood or wherever your Father-Mother God takes you. We look forward to meeting you!

Rest and Study

Are there any special requirements to be a Rest and Study guest at Arden Wood?
Overnight guests must be members of The Mother Church and/or a Christian Science branch church. Arden Wood expects a standard of conduct conducive to a supportive, healing environment, which includes no smoking or use of alcoholic beverages, drugs of any kind, or profanity. These stipulations apply anywhere within the building or on the property.

Can a non-Christian Science spouse or family member stay with me?
Yes, non-Christian Science spouses and family members are welcome. All guests are expected to respect the standard of conduct Arden Wood upholds to maintain a supportive, healing atmosphere, which includes no smoking, alcoholic beverages, drugs of any kind, or profanity. These stipulations apply anywhere within the building or on the property.

What are the room accommodations?
Rooms have king, queen, double, one or two twin beds. All rooms have private baths with either tub/showers or stall showers. Each room contains a set of Bible Lesson study books, a Concordance to the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, Prose Works, the Church Manual and a Christian Science Hymnal. Closed circuit TV has a selection of channels that broadcast the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science hymns, and regular cable TV programs.

Are meals included?
Breakfast is complimentary. Lunch and dinner are $12.50 per meal per person. Meals are charged to your room for payment upon your departure. You may choose to have your meal delivered to your room for an additional fee.

What Bible study facilities does Arden Wood provide?
In addition to the study books provided in the rooms, guests are welcome to use the fully equipped Bible study library and study rooms located on the first and fourth floors. The Bible Reference Library has over 1,000 books to assist you in your Bible study. Guests also have access to a computer with the Concord and Found Volumes software programs. The study rooms are open 24/7. In addition, Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist maintains a Christian Science Reading Room on West Portal Avenue just three blocks from Arden Wood. There, guests may study or purchase Christian Science literature, periodicals, inspirational tapes and CDs, and The Christian Science Monitor.

Is there easy access to church and to downtown San Francisco?
Arden Wood provides transportation to Wednesday and Sunday church services at nearby Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist. Public transportation to downtown San Francisco and outlying areas is within a short walk of Arden Wood’s back gate. For $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for seniors, guests can hop on the MUNI – San Francisco’s streetcar/subway Municipal Railway system – and be downtown in less than 15 minutes.

Super Shuttle provides transportation to and from San Francisco International (SFO) airport. It’s only a 20-minute ride and the fare is reasonable. To make a Super Shuttle reservation, call (415)558-8500 or reserve online at

How can I reserve a room?
You are welcome to email your request here or to call our Front Desk: 1-800-767-0003.