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The Arden Wood Christian Science Nursing Arts (CSNA) training program is an integral part of our Christian Science nursing services.

CSNA training is conducted in partnership with Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association (BA). This training is an avenue of support for members of The Mother Church as they prepare themselves to meet the requirements set forth in the Church Manual By-law, Christian Science Nurse. CSNA training helps develop a readiness to serve the Christian Science field in several different ways:

  • Christian Science Nursing at a Christian Science care facility, summer camp or school.
  • Serving as a private-duty Christian Science nurse, providing care and oversight in the home.
  • Serving as a visiting Christian Science nurse, providing short-term care and assistance in the home or the community.
  • Side-by-side mentoring of less experienced Christian Science nurses as they gain practical experience.

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Arden Wood Christian Science Nurses Panel Discussion

About our Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program

CSNA training is based on the Church Manual By-law, “Christian Science Nurse” (Art. VIII, Sect. 31).

Each of the four courses in this program includes classroom training and mentoring. In the classroom, ethics, sound judgment, and practical skills in support of loving care are taught and practiced. Practical experience is gained by working side-by-side on the Christian Science nursing floor with Journal-listed Christian Science nurses, who provide ongoing guidance and support. Christian Science nurses from other facilities are welcome to apply to take our CSNA I class, and then return to their own facilities for mentoring.

Admittance to our CSNA training program is based upon a written application and an interview process.