Christian Science Nursing Care

For inpatient
admission or
assistance, call:

(415) 379-2224
8 AM – 5 PM

(415) 379-2215
5 PM – 8 AM

At Arden Wood, you’ll receive skilled care in a healing atmosphere!

Arden Wood nurses perform skilled nursing tasks with the full expectation of progress and healing.

Reliable, Proven Care

Arden Wood has provided Christian Science nursing care for more than 80 years. Hundreds of testimonies through the years attest to the serene setting, the tender-loving care and good food, the genuine love and joy of the nursing staff — in essence, the healing atmosphere.

Inpatient and outpatient Christian Science nursing care is available 24 hours a day. An outpatient is one who has an immediate need for targeted care, but who does not need to stay overnight.


Inpatient Christian Science nursing services include:

  • Assessing individual care needs based on the patient’s demonstrated ability
  • Cleansing and bandaging wounds
  • Assisting with personal care
  • Assisting with mobility (getting up, walking, lifting, etc.)
  • Assisting with nourishment (and modifications, as needed)
  • Providing for patients who are receiving care in bed
  • Ensuring a safe environment with appropriate activity
  • Reading aloud the Christian Science Bible Lesson and other authorized Christian Science literature

Outpatient Christian Science nursing services include:

  • Cleansing and bandaging
  • Care of sports injuries
  • Assistance/instruction with temporary mobility needs

Care is provided under the oversight of an experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurse. All nursing patients are expected to be working daily with a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner. All care is consistent with the theology of Christian Science.

For inpatient admission or outpatient assistance, please call (415) 379-2224 between 8 AM and 5 PM.
After hours, call (415) 379-2215.