For inpatient
admission or
assistance, call:

(415) 379-2224
8 AM – 5 PM

(415) 379-2215
5 PM – 8 AM



Skilled Christian Science nursing is available round-the-clock to address any need related to the well-being of individuals who are relying solely on Christian Science for healing. Our Christian Science nurses minister to each patient’s human needs with an unwavering commitment to “behold(ing) the perfect man” (Hymn 370).


For every patient, our nurses perform the following tasks:
  • Assess individual care needs based on the patient’s demonstrated ability
  • Assist with personal care
  • Cleanse and bandage wounds
  • Assist with mobility (getting up, walking, lifting, etc.)
  • Assist with nourishment (and modifications, as needed)
  • Provide for patients who are receiving care in bed
  • Ensure a safe environment with appropriate activity
  • Read aloud the Bible Lesson and other authorized Christian Science literature


Patients are cared for in private rooms with comfortable, practical surroundings designed to support healing (i.e., a hospital bed, a recliner lift chair, an easy access shower, a private telephone). Audio broadcasts of Christian Science hymns, the weekly Bible Lesson and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as well as live Sunday and Wednesday church services are available in each room.


The atmosphere at Arden Wood is serene and uplifting; the grounds are ever-blooming and beautiful; the staff is extraordinarily loving and gracious. There is a palpable sense of expectancy – of healing and renewal. Skilled nursing care does not mean a long haul, an arduous experience, or an unclear outcome. Skilled nursing care means tending to every human need until healing occurs.

To inquire about inpatient admission or outpatient assistance, please call (415) 379-2224 between 8 AM and 5 PM. After hours, call (415) 379-2215.