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Higgins Society

The Arden Wood trustees established the Marvin and Mary Alice Higgins Society in recognition of the Higgins’ determination to build and sustain a Christian Science care facility on the West Coast. Working closely with The Mother Church, this remarkable husband-and-wife team founded Arden Wood in 1930 in fulfillment of Mrs. Eddy’s wish for a haven where Christian Scientists would be properly cared for in times of need.

The Higgins Society consists of Arden Wood donors who are significant contributors today, just as Marvin and Mary Alice were nearly 90 years ago. A Higgins Society member donates or pledges to donate $1000 or more annually for three consecutive years ($84 or more per month for 36 months). All are welcome to join. We would be most grateful for your membership!

Each member receives a copy of a short, compelling book, entitled Tribute, first published in 1937, which highlights Mr. Higgins’ selfless service. In his “Address to Associates,” Mr. Higgins wrote: “Duty is cheerfully doing what Love prompts” (Tribute, p 32.) His clear vision inspires and guides our work today.

Every donor is integral to the fulfillment of
Arden Wood’s healing mission.
Thank you!

To join the Higgins Society, please call 415-379-2104 or email