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Coverage for care costs is demonstrable!

The cost of health care is ever rising and a growing concern to most of us. As Christian Scientists, we have the privilege of “working out our salvation” through scientific prayer and the daily practice of Christian Science healing. Arden Wood is a haven for Christian Scientists, providing round-the-clock highly skilled Christian Science nursing care as well as a sanctuary in which to rest and renew—to be healed.

Financial Assistance Fund

We are grateful to be able to offer financial assistance to those who do not have any other means of paying for Christian Science nursing or for those who do not qualify for Medicare.

Contributions to our Financial Assistance Fund are welcome any time and greatly appreciated. These funds help ensure that everyone receives needed care, regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Health Insurance with Christian Science Benefits

Some insurance companies do provide coverage for the use of a Christian Science practitioner and Christian Science nursing care. These companies have individual policies that can be attached to one’s insurance package. Policyholders should contact their insurance agent to find out if their company offers this type of coverage.

Medicare for Christian Scientists

Arden Wood accepts Medicare for eligible patients for Christian Science nursing services.

Arden Wood has published a booklet, entitled “Medicare and its Provision for ‘Religious Nonmedical Health Care’ for Christian Scientists,” which explains the use of Medicare for reimbursement of Christian Science nursing care. The link to this booklet (in Adobe PDF format) can be found on our Medicare for Christian Scientists page.

If you would like a printed copy of our booklet, please contact us:
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Arden Wood
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Advance Health Care Proxy & Directives

An Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) allows a person to specify another adult to communicate or make health care decisions for him or her in the case of incapacity. For a Christian Scientist, having such a document prepared and in effect prior to a time of need is especially important. An AHCD can also allow the individual to state, in a legally recognized way, his or her desire to receive health care in accord with the theology and practice of Christian Science, and to refuse medical treatment. Having an AHCD in effect may be an important factor for an individual who is required to sign (or have a legal representative sign) a Medicare Election Form in order to use Medicare benefits to pay for Christian Science nursing care.

It is advisable for every adult to have an AHCD in place. An attorney can draw up a customized Advance Health Care Directive, or medically-oriented versions can be purchased at an office supply store. It is highly recommended that an attorney review your AHCD in order to be sure it complies with the laws of the state where you reside. Working with an attorney, Arden Wood has generated a list of guidelines and a draft AHCD that may be useful for many Christian Scientists living in California. You can access these documents here: download AHCD form PDF or request a paper copy by mailing us a check for a modest donation to help cover printing and postage costs:

Arden Wood
Development Office
445 Wawona Street
San Francisco, CA 94116-3058