Sheltered Care

For inpatient
admission or
assistance, call:

(415) 379-2224
8 AM – 5 PM

(415) 379-2215
5 PM – 8 AM

Sheltered Care guests are “cared for, watched over, beloved, and protected…” (Christian Science Hymnal, 278)

Sheltered Care is a residential community for Christian Scientists who need light assistance with personal care, bathing and mobility, gentle reminders and guidance with daily activities, or help with vision challenges for an indefinite period of time. Round-the-clock care and oversight are provided by skilled Christian Science nurses.

Long-term care insurance may apply towards the cost of Sheltered Care.

Please direct inquiries to the Director of Residential Programs at (415) 379-2320, or email us here.

Watch our new video (below) featuring Sheltered Care life at Arden Wood.

Sheltered Care provides:

  • Private room and bathroom (partially furnished)
  • Three well-balanced meals a day
  • 24-hour care and oversight by Christian Science nurses
  • Light assistance with personal care, bathing, dressing, and mobility
  • Gentle reminders and guidance as well as assistance with vision
  • Escort to meals and activities
  • Assistance with reading
  • Audio broadcasts of Christian Science hymns, the Bible Lesson and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as well as Sunday and Wednesday church services
  • Access to sunroom and Bible Resource Library
  • Daily on-site activities and occasional off-site outings
  • Daily bed-making and weekly housekeeping and laundry services

Care is provided under the oversight of an experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurse. All sheltered care patients are expected to be working regularly with a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner. All care is consistent with the theology of Christian Science.

For questions regarding Sheltered Care, please
call (415) 379-2320 between 8 AM and 5 PM,
or email us here.