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Many Christian Science organizations, including Christian Science Associations, choose to hold their annual, quarterly or monthly meetings at Arden Wood. All of our activities support healing through the practice of Christian Science. Our staff is ready to provide as much or as little practical support as you request or require. We are pleased to offer audio-visual equipment, snacks, meals, and above all, privacy. Parking is also available.

Meeting/Conference Rooms There are several different sizes and kinds of meeting and conference rooms available for your use. Please email us here for details about availability, pricing, and reservations.

Chapel/Auditorium This large, stately room seats 150 people in front of a stage. The seats are comfortable as well as moveable and removable. Also, a piano is available for use.
Sunroom (5th Floor) This is a big, wide-open, bright space that overlooks the treetops. It can be arranged as a formal or informal setting. A grand piano is tuned and ready to be played in one corner of the room.
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Large Conference Room This room will comfortably accommodate 10-16 people around a large conference table.
Small Conference Room This room comfortably seats 6-8 people around a small conference table.
Private Dining Room This room is located next to the Main Dining Room and is ideal for a meeting over breakfast, lunch or dinner, a special dinner party or a family gathering.
For more information or to make reservations, please call (415) 681-5500, ext. 1000, or email us here.